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This course is delivered and assessed by North Coast Institute of TAFE – RTO 90010 for students enrolled at St Mary’s Catholic College.



This course prepares students to perform a limited range of tasks related to the mechanical and electrical components and systems of cars, heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment, bicycles, marine craft and motorcycles.


The course qualification is nationally recognised entry-level qualification for employment in the Construction industry. This course would suit students who are interested in a career in the building and construction industry, building certification or project management in that industry.


This course suits students interested in the sport, fitness and recreation industry. Students will develop skills to plan and deliver a variety of gym and fitness programs to people of all ages. Learning about human anatomy, physiology, healthy eating and the provision of quality services in a sport and fitness environment.


This course develops the skills and knowledge required by students to perform the manufacture of free-standing furniture or built-in cabinets, and provide on-site assistance in the installation of furniture or cabinets involving known routines and procedures and some accountability for the quality of outcomes.


This course provides a pathway to work in kitchen operations in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops and institutions such as aged care facilities, hospitals, prisons and schools.


This course provides students the opportunity to work on lathes and milling machines as well as learning about hand and power tools and precision measurement tools while learning welding skills through using manual metal arc and gas metal arc process as well as the oxy acetylene welding.


This course would suit students interested in a career in the Agriculture Industry, working in possible jobs such as an assistant animal attendant/stockperson or Farm or Station hand/worker/labourer.